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The very first Faculty of Health Sciences in these Islands.


The Faculty of Health Sciences is one of the three faculties in the University of Dublin, Trinity College. It was the first Faculty of Health Sciences in these islands and this concept is now being followed by other Irish Universities. This interdisciplinary approach offers the potential to educate and train the full range of health care personnel in an integrated Faculty. The current Dean of the Faculty is Professor Mary McCarron.

Dean's Welcome

Prof Mary McCarron

I would like to welcome you to the various Schools of the Faculty of Health Sciences; to Nursing and Midwifery, Pharmacy, Dental Science and Medicine. You visit our webpage probably because of your interest in one of our Schools and you will find here the information you need.

I would encourage you to also look a little further at information on the Schools webpages.

  • Trinity College Dublin Medical School, at 300 years old, is a world leading centre in academic medicine.
  • The Dublin Dental University Hospital is a centre of excellence in patient care, education and research, which enhances the learning experience of our students and the delivery of care to patients in an integrated and balanced way.
  • The School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences is the oldest academic pharmaceutical institution in Ireland and excels in undergraduate teaching and learning, postgraduate education, research and community service in pharmaceutical sciences in our country and worldwide.
  • The School of Nursing & Midwifery is ranked the leading institution within Ireland in nursing and midwifery education and research and is one of only two Schools of Nursing and Midwifery in Ireland that have undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in all Nursing disciplines (Children's, General, Intellectual Disability, and Psychiatric nursing) and in Midwifery.

We are health sciences precisely because health and health care are interdisciplinary and collaborative concerns. Every era of health and health care has had its challenges to meet and the Schools of the Health Sciences Faculty at Trinity College Dublin have been at the forefront of Ireland's and indeed international responses to those challenges. The current era is no different. Most of the emphasis in the media is on budgets and cutbacks. Together our Schools have formed the First Faculty of Health Sciences in these islands and are coming up with creative responses to health challenges often by finding new ways to collectively work smarter and deliver the best quality of care, despite fewer resources. Solutions lie in looking beyond our individual Schools to build the interdisciplinary relationships that will make the difference.

As a faculty we are about the highest quality of care being offered to each individual; about the pursuit of research to find new solutions to complex health concerns; about translating the results of research to improve bedside care, manage risk factors, prevent disease, ease convalescence and maintain quality of life; AND about always seeing the individual as more than disease and symptoms.   We stand up to meet health challenges and to contribute to the excellence and traditions of Trinity College Dublin and of the Schools of the Faculty of Health Sciences.  

I hope you find this website to be helpful. The various links will introduce you to the Schools, Courses, People, Research Centres, Linked Hospitals (St. James's Hospital, The Adelaide and Meath Hospital Dublin, Incorporating the National Children's Hospital, and Coombe Women and Infants University Hospital) and Service Providers so central to our educational offerings and research endeavors.

Professor Mary McCarron

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